Free Pre-Claim Roof Inspection

If you don’t pay attention to the outside of your home or business, you cannot protect everything going on inside. From inventory to technology, all of the things that make your business successful and your house a home are held under one roof. Protect that roof and you will protect everything inside.

Pre Claim Roof Inspection

Roof Inspections

An annual roof inspection checks for small problems before they become major issues. We provide the most honest and unbiased inspections in the industry. A pre-claim roof inspection provides a complete and thorough examination of both the inside and outside of your roof. This free service checks the entire surface for signs of leaks, aging, weathering, defective materials, or compromised structural areas.

After the inspection, we provide you a detailed account of our findings including a clear estimate of costs so you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision about any necessary repairs or replacement options. This may include:

No Claim The roof is in good condition.
Unfounded Claim Some natural damage is visible, but no storm damage.
Unnecessary Claim There is minor damage, and a claim may not be necessary.
Substantiated Claim There is sufficient damage to justify an insurance claim.


Leave Us the Paperwork

Most insurance includes roof repairs and replacements, but dealing with the insurance company, claims, paperwork, phone calls, and getting the payment can be overwhelming. Let us take care of that part. We will file the insurance claim and handle all the paperwork from start to finish. Get the peace of mind you are looking for without the hassle.

Beneficial to Insurance Agents

Our honest pre-claim inspection is a great deal for insurers as well. Not only is this service free to insurance agents and agencies, but we serve as a third party professional that can provide a qualified account of the site. This in turn yields fewer unfounded or needless claims creating a stress free process to get to the bottom of owner’s roofs problems.

  • -Kaye Nichols, State Farm Insurance

    We’ve referred several clients to The Roof Doctor over the last several years… We like to give names of local, trustworthy roofers.

    —-Kaye Nichols, State Farm Insurance
  • -Mark Aschbacher, Lincoln Insurance

    This service benefits clients and agents by eliminating unnecessary claims. Thank you for an honest inspection.

    —-Mark Aschbacher, Lincoln Insurance


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